Below you will find information on the various service offerings provided by Coach Matt.  For more information, get started with a free, 30-minute consultation to identify your biggest challenges and determine which of the below packages is the right fit for you.

Group Programs:

Coach Matt works with CrossFit boxes, corporations, medical practices, social groups, and communities of individuals seeking transformations in their body, mind, and lifestyle.  By partnering with Coach Matt, groups receive discounted rates on individual packages and the benefit of group meetings to assist with accountability and moral support.  Group coaching programs allow for interaction with a peer group leading to increased engagement and the opportunity to build a community united around a common cause.

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Individual Programs:

Essentials Starter Pack

The six month starter kit is for individuals new to health coaching with a focus on body composition and increasing energy. For individuals seeking a taste of how much life can improve from having a health coach, this is the most viable option.  The starter pack consists of two meetings per month on a bi-weekly basis.  The introductory session will focus on goal-setting while subsequent sessions will be centered around implementing incremental, sustainable changes that will last beyond the six months of coaching.  In addition, clients will also receive tangible takeaways and resources that will contribute to the ongoing pursuit of optimal health.

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Advanced Programming Pack

In addition to what is included in the starter kit, Advanced Programming provides deep insight into an individual’s general health as well as specific indicators of areas requiring special attention using before and after body composition and biomarker analysis.  Advanced Programming also includes full access to Matt via text or e-mail during dedicated support hours throughout the week during which time he will answer any questions between sessions and/or offer assistance overcoming a barrier or developing a new strategy as needed.

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Coaching engagements are designed to lead to lasting breakthroughs that will literally change your body chemistry and create an impact that could add years to your life.  The Essentials package focuses on body weight and composition as this is the most common area of health that individuals are concerned about. The progress achieved during the initial six month engagement serves as a perfect springboard for building the momentum needed to successfully move on to the Advanced coaching engagement, involving more in depth, tailored strategies to address specific needs.  Each person’s body is different and will require attention to different areas depending on where they are in their journey.  Regardless of where you might be, a coaching engagement will ensure that you are well on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

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