About Me

Greetings and thanks for stopping by!  Over the past 30 years, my path to a healthy and optimal lifestyle consisted of a series of ups and downs that ultimately lead to the realization that the way I was living was not aligned with the person I wanted to become.  In 2010, after years of a poor diet and detrimental habits, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and made it my personal mission to reverse the trends that were dragging me down and forged a path that transformed my life.

As a Health Coach, my mission is to use my personal experience and expertise to show others that no matter how lost they might feel, there is always a way to change direction and get back on the path that best serves them.  I help clients unlock their innate positive energy and create change in their life to put an end to the habits and routines that are sabotaging their ability to achieve optimal health.

Currently, I am working with recreational athletes and busy professionals to reawaken the energy, strength, and vitality of their youth and to take ownership of their wellbeing through incremental, lasting changes that promote a healthier and happier lifestyle.

You can learn more about the programs I’ve developed to support my clients on the services page.  To get the full story of my personal journey to optimal health, start here.  I look forward to serving you!